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Are you a current BWG member with a website?  Your membership entitles you to be featured on the BWG Member Website page.  Simply send an email to with your name, website address or blog URL, and a 150 word or less statement.  You'll be notified when your information has been posted.

Stella Adams

Stella Adams is the author of Heavy is the Rain -- the novel, Heavy is the Rain--the play, and Beneficial Life. The play enjoyed a three-night run in August 2016. Ms. Adams holds a Bachelor's degree from Morgan State University and a Master's degree from Towson State University. She has spent over 35 years in a variety of analytic, staff, managerial, and human resources positions with the Department of Defense.


Wilma Brockington-Parker

Wilma Brockington-Parker is the communications officer for the Black Writers Guild of Maryland , author of Cinnamon Girl Blues, Office Politics, and Been There, Done That: Lessons Learned on Love and Life from Women 55 and Better and a freelance book reviewer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.  Critics have described her fiction works as having a great mix of drama, suspense and romance and her characters as realistic and well developed.  She has been featured at area festivals, panel discussions, and book signings.

As a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas’ Executive and Professional Coaching Program and a certified associate coach (International Coach Federation), Brockington-Parker has coached writers, executives and others to help them develop strategies and actions for realizing success.  She also earned a M.S. in Management and a MBA from the University of Maryland University College. Visit her website for more information.

Jessica T. Fauntleroy
Ms. Jessica T. Fauntleroy is a writer, speaker, blogger and licensed clinical social worker. She is the author of two books, Restoring Broken Wings: A Redemption Story and The Guide to Living ROYAL as well as an Ebook, 5 Tips to Overcoming Life's Obstacles.   She is also the creator and main writer on the Live Royal Blog (

She is a graduate of Morgan State University and Howard University with bachelors and masters degrees in social work. She currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland with her three ​amazing children: Serenity, Sydni and AJ. Learn more about her at her website.

Rosa L.Griffin

Rosa L. Griffin is the author of her first book of 8 adult fiction short stories entitled Attraction:  Sexy Tales of Good, Bad, and Ugly Relationships.  Her book, Attraction, deals with passionate, but not always healthy relationships including sexual situations, romance, horror, science fiction, humor, local culture, and just a pinch of violence. One of her short stories, "Life Box," won honorable mention in a Writers' Digest Magazine writing contest in 2003.

Ms. Griffin has been a member of the Black Writers Guild of Maryland since 2007, and its secretary since 2010.  She conducted a BWG workshop on copyright entitled “Can I Use It? Copyright Basics” in October 2012.  

She lives in Baltimore and is an alumnus of Baltimore City Community College.  Her Facebook address is She is currently working on a horror novel of her short story, “Death Sleep”, and a book of essays.

Norwood Johnson
Norwood Johnson authored his first novel IT TAKES A Hood...Two young African Americans take responsibility for ending Baltimore crime. He was inspired by the senseless homicides and illegal drug activity primarily in America's urban areas to write a novel for Americans and societies beyond America exhibiting grassroots is the difference maker in eradicating these issues.

Norwood is a federal government retiree who gained recognition as an outstanding analyst with exceptional technical writing skills. He holds a BS degree in Telecommunications from Morgan State University. He also holds a Certificate in Public Leadership from Brookings Institution.

Norwood loves to freely give of himself to help others. He has over 30 years of community volunteer experience (e.g., mentoring, tutoring, preparing meals, writing, directing plays, etc.). He is working on two more novels and two invention concepts. Norwood enjoys family, friends, cooking, athletics, comfort food and reading the Holy Bible.

Deliah Lawrence

Deliah "Dee" Lawrence is a Maryland-based attorney, author, blogger and romance workshop facilitator who writes romantic suspense novels as well as poetry and short stories. Her debut novel, Gotta Let It Go, set in Baltimore, won the 2011 Finalist Next Generation Indie Book Award in the multi-cultural fiction category. Dee's short stories have been featured in the Creatures, Crimes and Creativity 2013 and 2014 anthologies.

When Dee isn't writing, you can find her reading a book, indulging in her addiction to investigative discovery shows or painting her yet-to-be exhibited oil artworks of landscapes, portraits or whatever else comes to her creative mind.  Constantly on the go, Dee is also an active member of the Maryland Writers' Association, Black Writers' Guild of Maryland, Sisters in Crime and Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance. She’s currently working on Gotta Get It Back (a sequel to her first book), scheduled for release in spring 2018.


Claudette Lewis Bard

Claudette Lewis Bard is a recently published author and her book is entitled Negro Island Light. It tells the tale of an African American woman who has been laid off from her marketing position at a Washington, DC. area bank. The novel chronicles how Eugenia Watts sets out to deal with such a life-changing event and how she learns things about herself in an unlikely place and from several undiscovered ancestral family members. And during her self-discovery, she encounters a true gentleman.
Claudette Lewis Bard's love for writing goes back several decades to her first year of college while enrolled in a remedial English 101 class. She's written several short stories, taken creative writing courses, written a successful grant, and interviewed several family members recording their views of being an African American in 20th century America.
Bethany Loper

Bethany Loper is a native of Wilmington, Delaware and was born with a passion to create, consume, and perform written works. She began writing short stories at the age of seven and developed a love for poetry and spoken word at twelve years old. Bethany is an award-winning poet and author and has performed at the Baby Grand in Wilmington, Delaware as well as other venues. Bethany currently resides in Newark, Delaware with her family and is working on her debut novel, Everything in Between. Connect with Bethany on her website.

Renee McDonald

Renee McDonald is an author, Software Developer and native Baltimorean. Her book, No Peace for Kimberly, offers a perception of Baltimore 1968 through the eyes of 14-year old Kimberly. Her writings portray young woman as strong and compassionate despite the worlds around them. Ms. McDonald's character is evident in all her main characters as she struggled through challenging situations as a young adult. She is currently working on a fantasy series of books that follow alien sisters as they defend their heritage against Extraterrestrial adversaries.

As the owner of Nicholson & Fisher Publishing, Ms. McDonald will launch an e-commerce web-site and app which will place self-published authors in front of readers in a manner different than other sites. Compassionate about helping the self-published author, as they are routinely looked over by agents and publishers, Ms. McDonald is using her experience to ensure the success of this venture.

Allyson Olivia

Allyson Olivia is the owner of Penvision Ink, a publishing company dedicated to producing books that inspire others to understand their worth.  She has a master’s from Syracuse University in Journalism, and a bachelor’s in Mass Communications from Susquehanna University and is studying theology and media at Dallas Theological Seminary.

She released, The Adventures of Super Cam which is about a boy who uses his super powers to help other children. She also released the novella Mariel The Book Helper which is about a girl who finds adventure in the quietest place imaginable--the library.

Her first novel, In the Name of The Father, is about a woman's struggle to love and keep her faith in God despite what she witnessed in her home and in the church. Her passion for telling this story about a woman's struggle to love herself, her man and God comes from her soul.

Margaret D. Pagan


Walk through African American history with my characters as they face tough challenges and overcome harsh conditions.  Rejoice with them as they spiritually transcend all that besets them.  There are no miracles in my two books, only faith and determination. When readers finish More Than A Slave: The Life of Katherine Ferguson (published by Moody Press of Chicago) they often want to know more about the Fulani girl, who is introduced in chapter two.  Her full story, and the story of her sister, is told in my most recent novel, aptly titled The Fulani Girls.  Based on more than 20 years of writing experience.


Min. Carenda Deonne Pittman (Lady C)

Minister Carenda Deonne Pittman (Lady C) is a vibrant, pulsating and charismatic minister and conference speaker. Carenda is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. She received her BA degree in Business Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, New York. Currently, Carenda is the President and founder of Far Above Rubies Enterprises ( Established in 2012, Far Above Rubies is not only a magazine publication and annual women's conference but truly a ministry of healing the lives of women nationwide. Carenda is an author of three books-Soul of a Poet, The Wait of Success, and her latest book, Perfect Patty Messed Up. Perfect Patty Messed Up is a 40-day devotional. This devotional is for women who appear to have it all together but are struggling with real life issues. Perfect Patty Messed Up searches the heart of women who are hard on themselves, especially when they make mistakes.


S.F. Powell

S.F. Powell is a native of Washington, DC. She discovered and fostered her love for the written word in her teens with poetry and commentary essays.  Her desire and love for writing (spiritually inspired) resulted in her first novel, Like Sweet Buttermilk. Taking a chance, her submission for Like Sweet Buttermilk (featuring fictional psychiatrist, Dr. Naomi Alexander) won first place in the Black Expressions Fiction Writing Contest. Encouraged, she wrote the follow-up, Obscure Boundaries.

A wife and mother of three, when she isn’t writing, reading, or spending time with family, she likes watching documentaries, working puzzles, or enjoying something in the horror genre, be it books or screen.

Connect with her on Facebook or Twitter.  Her FB fan page is S.F. Powell Books (


Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith is a published author with a blog, Your Spiritual Garden, a relationship column on Black and a publishing company, Angels Here To Help.

She is a certified angel card reader and shares a weekly angel card reading on her blog. She is a 2015 alumnae of Listen To Your Mother, Baltimore. She was recently published in the anthology Mom For The Holidays, and self published a book in April 2016 - My Life As A Mermaid.

She is the mom of two adult children. A long time resident of Baltimore, Md, she will always be a New Yorker at heart and a Bermudian in spirit.

She is currently working on a book of short stories regarding her personal experiences with angelic interventions.


Cherrie Woods 

Cherrie Woods is a 15-year plus public relations (PR) veteran known for her work with authors, visual and performing artists, and clothing designers, as well as non-profits and arts and culture organizations. She has worked at Baltimore City Dept. of Public Works, Detroit Institute of Arts, Reginald F. Lewis Museum, Toronto Public Health,Toronto Social Services and Harbourfront Centre. Woods currently serves on the board of the Baltimore Public Relations Council and served as president of the National Black PR Society -Detroit Chapter for three years. She does PR workshops for authors and is the author of Where Do I Start? 10 PR Questions and Answers to Guide Self-Published Authors.  She is also an award-winning author of Free to Be Me, Poems on Love, Life and Relationships under the pseudonym, Cherrie Amour. Woods has been featured in The Culvert ChroniclesRolling OutThe Baltimore SunFox45-TVWJZ-TVWEAA.88.9 and Who's Who in Black Detroit

James Wright


The Back Side of the Sport of Kings, is about life on the "Back Side" of the sport of thoroughbred horse racing in America. The "Back Side" or the barn or stable area, is where the thoroughbred horses, the Stars or Equestrian Athletes of the sport of racing are housed. The Back Side is the part of the sport of thoroughbred horse racing that the general public rarely get to see. As with my other books, American Apartheid and No Land, No Mule, No Freedom, American Apartheid, the Saga Continues, I provide the reader with the opinionated perspective of an African American, regarding historical events that make facts and information about the black Americans who make their living working with thoroughbred horses, an interesting subject. This book provides historical data on a lifestyle that started in slavery and has survived and moved on to the next millennium.